Cut through the noise

A new centralised comms platform

Email is cluttered and disorganised. We all get too much, and if yours don't stand out for your stakholders then you're in trouble.

With Postloop, stakeholders will never miss an update again.

Collaborate & align

Stakeholders are always up to date

No more repetitive questions for you, no more surprises for them.

A structured and searchable archive of information means they can self-serve and easily find the latest information.

And the right people can always see what they need, unlike closed email threads or group chat where it's easy to miss out.

Make rapid progress

A transparent source of truth

No more rehashing old ground or revisiting past decisions.

With a public record of any discussions around your data and research your team can move forward with purpose.

Plus, new joiners or latecomers can get up to speed in record time and won't slow you down.

Minimal work, maximum reach

Integrated into your ways of working

Pull stakeholders to you with intelligent notifications in their favourite channels.

Reduce your workload and minimise the effort managing a distributed group, and focus on a single channel instead.

Join the revolution

Postloop is currently in private beta. We'd like to hear from teams who are ready to try something new and want to turbocharge their stakeholder interactions. Drop your work email in below and we'll send you more detail.

* Your email will only be used to tell you more about the beta program and public release of Postloop when it happens.